Islands (split)

by Micah and James Brown

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4-Song split from brothers Micah and James Brown


released January 17, 2012

Tracks 1-2 : Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by James Brown.
Tracks 3-4 : Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Micah Brown.
Backing vocals on track 3 by Micah and James Brown.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: James Brown - East Coast Lights
Well I used to be stuck in the same old circles
and nothing's really changed but it feels alright
and I say I never worry, well at least I never try
am I lying to myslef or is it misunderstanding?
And the weather's getting colder so I'm staying inside most nights
It's always windy and it starts to get dark by 5
keeps me from days I hope fly by
and I'm finding myself in trances all the time
and I'm looking for answers in places I won't find
anything but long lost, misdirected
effort's making me so crazy lately
and throw away concern cause to be honest I feel great most days
It's what you get in when you live in the east-
coast lights, in the sky, come and go, like blinking eyes
sending messages to lunatics and cellphone towers
carry conversation, silence
and the song sung by the tides can be my metronome tonight
cause the ocean's always fair it never hung me out to dry
so I'll dive into it's waters as the salt it fills my eyes
and I'll wait there til I'm winter's ice
Track Name: James Brown - Anchor
Most years are good I find
but I've been losing light
you spend time wisely, I find better ways to waste mine.
And hlidays run out
leave me to feel worn
louder expectations make for louder counterparts.
Hey so maybe, oh some day when I'm not crazy
finally get myself the things I really need
more sleep and out of this "city"
because I'm tired of repetition, all our stop and go routines
and if you asked I'd prabably say I'm fine but honestly
I'm so far from Satisfied
we know this town right down to personalities of traffic lights
and bless my heart but (oh) please don't forget my mind
Cause I can never tell who's worth my time.
And I could swear to you this town is getting smaller
but everybody has a song named anchor.
Wasted impressions of passive agressive
convenience store patrons just trying to buy smokes
a lifetime of fuck ups has led up to this point
an asshole who's screaming his wallet's at home
and what if creation and self preservation
are just as important as hopefullness, arrogance
stands on our shoulders to fortify borders
but it's not gonna help when you're all alone.
Concrete structures run on concrete hours
house flashy ideas that come from too high
deal with necessisities, listen to people
they've got all you ought to know
Track Name: Micah Brown - Shaman
I'll catch my breath,
forgot the jumpers in the trunk
of the car that you pulled through the mud,
moved to the beat of our hearts as we missed the flood.

I'll crack my back,
as I pull myself
to my feet on your beach, awake, dried up and confused
passed starry nights in the light of our fires and booze.

I hope you're dead,
I hope you're dead set on
making the most of the little we got
rely on our youth in our hopes that our lives don't rot.
Track Name: Micah Brown - Losing Streak
Life lately's a losing streak,
wake up dead to come home beat.
I've written this in hope that I
start to take my own advice.

Find what seems to fix my head,
makes me want to leave my bed.
Where hours rot, ambition dies,
laying back and wasting life.

Never left my home proven,
but I spent the summer in a state.
We've got a kinds of problems,
but I tend to think that mine are "great".
Other days they'll envelope me,
pull my strings and try to choke me,
avalanche and start to gain speed,
I'll keep running 'til my feet bleed.

Fall flat on my face, my hands don't know what to embrace,
so I'll leave them in the pockets, of my jeans on dorm room floors.
That are endlessly neglected, nights like this, it's hard not to
feel endlessly rejected, like a life lying unnoticed.

I'm not crying for attention, this is all just how I'm feeling,
if you've never woken up and wished to sleep your life away,
well that sounds great.