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The rockin'-est outfit in St. John's. The rollin'-est outfit in the world.


released February 5, 2015

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by MAANS at Suvla Estates
Mastered by Krisjan Leslie at LabOfChaos

Photograph by Noah Bender
Logo Design by Jessica Taubensee



all rights reserved


Bird Law Records St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Canada's Smallest Record Label
Dealers of music in Digital, cassette tape, and vinyl form.

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Track Name: Drink & Scrape
The drugs you do they won't give you sight
to pieces of yourself you can't find otherwise
no, they'll just fuck you up.

Take these pills they'll do us well
can we go to heaven 'cause
my roommate is the devil
and my home is now my hell.

Yeah I'm living with the devil,
and he's burning down the house.
Tore down all my posters,
'cause I'm moving the fuck out.

Just give me one last chance to fall down the stairs,
I'll keep on rollin' 'till it feels right,

Yeah I could end up anywhere.
Track Name: Get Off
Anything can be true if you say it can be
like I'm a likeable guy with my head on straight.
I wish all of my friends would stop doing cocaine
but I've got vices too, yeah it feels bad to complain.
I don't see value in how you speculate
theorize prejudice just to flex your brain.
I've not lots of real people, even more real pain
and to you that's a game, I'm so fucking ashamed.

It seems the loudest are first to announce where they sit,
in our rotting house built on a pile of shit.
When it comes time to rebuild and assess our gifts
I'm glad that Ph.D can stifle internet arguments.

So lay waste to bullshit conversations
I want to talk to a goddamn face
it's so easy to be insincere
where the stakes are so low and your parents aren't near

Sold off your morals for a higher moral cause
Sold off your morals for a higher moral ground
Track Name: Pizza Pie
Value found stacking your lines all
Our convictions hardest built
through small decisive words
they take the questions out of conversations

If I can choose what's on the next (pizza) pie
how am I supposed to build a life?
It all cam rearing by'
Indecision meets admission
Track Name: Sprinkle Whipper
I'm afraid to change,
I see my future's always running away.

toe the line as muzzled, or resist and be dim?
I'll never shut up not but I'm shedding that skin,
rip your song book up and burn your old hymns.

You'd invest a strong hand,
but the cause required thought out demands.
Track Name: Future World
Can you walk the electric mile?
Can you nurse your robotic child?
Do you slave to your tv dial?

Track Name: To Live or Die in Rabbittown
I beam like a light ray
to the percolator
each and every Sunday
XL eggs and Cavendish hashbrowns
smoking out my window
as the neighbours yell
obscenities at their kids

I'm so over being over this

Woken up by two-strokes
jimmy-rigged on bikes
piloted by paul-mals
fueled by blackhorse driven to Coleman's

I could get a flakey
or a turkey pie
we could drink while swimming
in the pot holes in front of shopper's

I'm so over being over this

To live or die in Rabbittown
Track Name: Worry 'Boutta Thing
A six stringed knight
from Montreal
jousts in "Dive Bar"
while slicked back heads
handshake white drugs
owning ledged wall

I sit astute
siren red eye
funding the bar

enter "The Steve"
clean shave and lean
libido sheens

And we don't worry 'boutta thing!

The room aligns
to meet his need
except "The Weed"
his jaw is slack
eye movement rare
behind frayed hair

oh look at that shaggy pup

he sits with Beth
well dressed but holds
a sewn up look

I sip my drink
the knight takes pause
shadows applaud

And we don't worry 'boutta thing!
Track Name: Boiled Trout / Discount Liquor Store
I'll prescribe a healthy dose of homemade wine
where's the sunlight? 5 PM's the dead of night

It's so cold up here (cold up here)
there's no doubt, that we'll burn one more out

Boiled Trout
Put me on the backburner

I'll supply a party on a friday night
who needs sunlight? Make the crowd your wave to ride

It's so cold up here (cold up here)
there's no doubt, that we'll shimmy this one out

It's so cold up here (cold up here)
there's no doubt, that I've got my Long John's out