Mutter Your Line

by James Brown & Micah Brown

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Split #3 from James and Micah

Recorded and Written by James and Micah Brown Christmas 2013


released January 14, 2014

Photo used through the gracious generosity of Dylan Chew



all rights reserved


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Track Name: James - Afterword
It kills me inside just to think this
Cause I never wanted to hate shit
But after so long can you blame me?
I'm not even given the option
If I were like you we'd be battered and bruised
Cause I've heard your shit talk for long enough
And all my frustrations are piling up

Because I still wake up, with the same bad luck
And I try to act nice but you're making it tough
I'm about to give up, I'm about to give up
But I still never shared what I thought
I've kept quiet now for more than long enough

You're lied to, you're confused
You're negative, selfish, obsessive and more
Delusional. I want you to know
The more that you hold onto
More that I'm better off, more that you're bound to lose
Just think things through
And I'm not one to name any names
Just mutter your line (fuck james)
Track Name: James - On Living and Dying and Growing Up
Desirous fire
Inches its way to my face
Until it can't get closer
Until it won't go away
We made our plans for later
New lies to tell tomorrow
When will admittance come that
We really didn’t know

Ourselves that well
Each others carefree friend
That makes us feel good
But not until the end
Sometimes I think I'm close
To what I really want
That feeling comes and goes
For the most part just stays gone

Wish I could know for sure what
It is I could have been now
Wish I could go back sometimes
Some days I'm glad I don't know how
I thought when I got older
I would have most things figured out
But old just keeps getting further
Until it hits you wow

A knocking door
I wonder what it's for
Then my neighbor said
“Oh my god he's dead”
This isn't how she planned
If she take it back
She would made time count
And would have cherished it
But darkness fell
She said “I’m still in shock”
Trying to keep her calm
But just lost all she’s got
I hope I don't wind up
The way I think I might
Try to remind myself
Stay calm
Get your priorities right
Keep your friends close
And appreciate the little things in life
Track Name: Micah - Freshman (College Radio)
Autumn, now forgotten
Dozens, emptied often

vibrant dreamlike and elusive
Actions never quite conclusive

Makeshift Identity
Useless Authority
Smoked screened Palace of Dreams
Six Pack Economy

vibrant dreamlike and elusive
Actions never quite conclusive

I want to run my pudgy fist
through the front end of his skull
youth evaporates to mist
don’t neglect what’s meaningful