Giant Steps II

by Money in the Banana Stand

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A 7-song EP from Charlottetown PEI's Money in the Banana Stand


released December 26, 2011

Joel Young - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Brown - Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Woods - Bass
Chase MacDonald - Drums

Engineered and Mixed by Adam Gallant at Garth's Party Warehouse
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering



all rights reserved


Bird Law Records St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Canada's Smallest Record Label
Dealers of music in Digital, cassette tape, and vinyl form.

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Track Name: Drink Deep
I fill my glass and walk out through the front yard
You know it's nights like this when it just feels right
To put it down so fuckin' hard.
The night is upon us, still it beats cold December
The moon is down, it's true we're in this for life, friend,
Let's drink till dawn and try to start our lives anew.

Time passes like fire, I wonder why,
Seems every day of my fucking life
Oh how I'd love to stay awake until the day I die.

It's four am, girl, let's talk about life,
It seems we see the same world through different eyes.
Friends for years, how I fear the day that will all change, just dribble away.
Not always the brightest but moments I've had my share,
This roof feels like paradise, if only we lived here
and our life was a dream
I'd trade it for nothing; I'd smile till I ran out of air.

I fill my glass and walk out through the front yard,
You know it's nights like this when I never want to wake up,
I won't wake up.
It's time for a story, call me up on the phone,
I love all of your words, never leave me alone.

Never never never never never
Forget that you're alive! I won't forget
Track Name: Lifestyles
I'll fill my notepad up with letters,
then I'll burn all my books.
Make a collage from the pictures I never took.
Every day is a new post card, etched into my skull
I'll sell them roadside someday,
When I'm old and you're dull.

I've had a bit too much to drink,
Step aside friend, I need some room to think.

What do you mean I waste my time?
Baby, these are the best days of our lives.
Bestride the world and I do fine,
I listen to my heart always.
Someday all will be said and done,
This lifestyle will never be overcome,
I'll never be forced to live a lie,
I'll never gouge out my eyes.

Giving up has never appealed to me,
Time for a change of scenery,
Time for another drink and a lullaby,
Oh won't you sing with me?
Track Name: Lately
Lately I wouldn't say that I've been down
but I've been spending most (of)
my time (taking) long walks alone
trying to just think clearly.
because I feel trapped inside of apartment walls,
it's still true when I tell you I'm doing fine.

I used to think that knowing a lot of people
meant I'd always feel at home.
Instead, I just feel pulled
in a thousand different directions
until it's easier, easier to be alone.

And everyone's heard that quote that begins
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Girls at my highschool really liked that one,
if yearbook writeups can be taken as an idea of
what a person likes.
It's poetry, that's for sure.
It's also bullshit.
Your deepest fear
comes when you sit down to create something great,
and can't do it.

Inadequacy actualized. It comes
when you realize that maybe you AREN'T that smart.
That even if you do apply yourself,
things still might not work out.
It comes when you try to do the things you tell yourself you love,
but you just can't do them as well as someone else,
or as well as they deserve to be done.
Track Name: Korean Radio Blues
I met my lover in a rock'n'roll song,
Turn up the radio,
Sing loud tonight boys,
I need the static in my life.
It seems my soul belongs below the lowest tone,
I heard speaking up was always the best advice,
Still it feels like I'm wasting my life.

Even on the best of days,
I find my river and meditate
For what it's worth there I feel,
there I am of the earth.

I'll never sing your song,
It seems like all too often that song sings me,
Korean radio waves get the best of me most every single day.

I remember seeing double all my life
All the strange nights in the summer
So unusual, so tired,
How all those bodies would crowd around us.
Now I'm so upset, living in this town
But how I would hate to maintain a distance,
Please hold on, hold on.
Track Name: Political Song for Justin Bieber to Sing
I'm not exactly sure when I decided
that keeping a journal was lame,
but yelling the exact same thoughts at people
was not only acceptable, but worth doing.

Well there are days when I'm tired,
and I wonder how many more songs like this
people could ever care to listen to.
Not quite self-deprecation,
but I think it's of value to explore,
when picking apart my head seems like
the only thing I like to do

So take me out of this city,
can we go sleep on a beach?
I need a campfire, need a drink,
need to tear my throat up.
Because I hate having to wonder
if my motives are pure;
wish I could act without having to ask
where every notion comes from.

And there will be days where I'm not at my best,
and there will be days where, even at my best,
I still feel disposable.
And ain't that the kind of shit
that makes you want to get
"Just Alright" tattooed
across your forehead
Track Name: The Red League
I swear, this shit won't add up.
Seems every day another battle's on the news
Between the anarchist and riot cop.
Well thanks, such a fucking lot,
Reduce an issue to a 'civilized' round table and a myth
of what's behind a black mask,
have you bricks to spare?
although I've felt that way before, it never comes naturally now
and what about those faces that I know
Who struggle every day?
I guess you're either complacent or a fool,
Well that's such a fucking joke, my friend,
Its time we burned that shit down.

It's a curse; it's a death-trap
I breath uninterrupted as i read bodies in newsprint.
Not a splinter in sight but it seems like the base is cracked

A fucking sign beside my bus stop wakes me up
I wish the temperature would drop until explosions would stop
then maybe we'd finally see ourselves.
Seven-billion strong, where the fuck do we find meaning
In this culture of lies and rot?
And do you think about 'meaning'?
Well I sure think about meaning,
but it doesn't come from the news.
I'll take the next train out of this city
Just to maybe find something true.
Don't you feel so fucking used?

I'll take the next train out of this city,
Not a splinter in sight but the base is cracked.
The Red League.

I'll live and die in that endless lie,
Live and die in an endless line.
I swear, not another day will pass us by on the inside.
Say what you will, I won't swallow that pesticide.
Track Name: Psychiatrist
Who hasn't written a thousand pages of bullshit
in search of one line of brilliance?
Who hasn't needed a thousand conversations
just to find the right words?

Penning words down on paper just to see
if somewhere contained in there
is the way that I actually think

And I've got some shitty stories,
but at least they're all true,
and that's the way I'd rather live.

And believe me, I'm aware that I may fall short of "inspired,"
but I'm just trying to figure out how my head got so fucked.
And music is Frank Turner's substitute for love,
but music is my substitute for a psychiatrist.
So let's go out and sing along to all the songs that we grew up on
and drink until we're drunk enough to say dumb shit to strangers
like it's all that matters to us