French Residency

by Boxer the Horse

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released March 23, 2012



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Track Name: Community Affair
from the windowsill we heard your lament the Mortician says you shoulda ran for Parliament and then he pockets your great grandfather's ring and lays it down before the king still we didn't put the price on your head no we swore that you were already dead and John Lennon coulda kicked that Habit had he tried wiped his hands and waved goodbye to you you're far too gone paid the cost community affair governing the State dying your hair watch the cops circle that clock through the window round eleven o'clock I'm the captain of this ship you call 'the Runaway' tell your cousin that I'm sorry for the trouble I'm in another song for all my skeletons to sing ooo Desdemona tell me about the lawsuit "well you know the jury is sitting unsatisfied" dragged the lake but soon enough they'll find an alibi grab her arm and say "hey baby get your ass in the car it's not impossible to reach nirvana when you're sleeping with piranhas in Brazil" oh no! community affair governing the State dying your hair, push and pull over that Lock finding sad faces in the Grandfather Clock lookout! oh Waster you're growing old you've grown old
Track Name: Sentimental/Oriental
I am a patient soul listen to me count my heartbeats at night safe from the actions of old still I try to pay my respects at the Campsite there's just no slowing her down count the residuals on her gown the pretty and colourful stones she found in Masumi's Garden how they put you to sleep but you woke on top tell me how many miles til I find you underneath an overpass with a Bobbed Wig/Walkman/Pink Wig on there was a time I used to relish in the Solitary but it's just no fun to lose so much after you get married I pull my head up to the wall and swear I'm sure I head you call Jatsuki's name in such a tone I've got to get ya on the phone and curse out GMT you came every time then I was up all night with a secret shot burning my Effigy bright watching you fall asleep I will never go easy into that night
Track Name: Rattle Your Cage
Remember when you were here before and your Heart was as cold as Ice? you told them all you were beautiful just cause he had you for a decent price I threw the money to the floor I got you into that dress and with no one to impress your brother pretended to follow us all just to rattle your cage I don't believe it we rolled into the Bay you were hardly here the Old Apartment isn't far from home he pedals by on his bicycle and breaks a bottle in the pouring rain while the technicians take apart your Brain he took your Sister to the Dance and then he shook her to the core oh god this film's a total bore and this drive in theatre is a Wasteland all just to rattle your cage I don't believe it fell off the Ferris Wheel you were hardly here
Track Name: Pretty Bloody
busted-cane-sugar-crowned lovers came into my town see all of the little Punks wrestle with conformity and drown they've got each other but not for long because we've already prepaid in advance for the Lonely Misanthropic League's Annual Society Dance step down to the bottom of the well my killer nothing's going to get you closer to McGill than telling all your friends you're feeling pretty bloody and you've got to go home face-white fist0clenched rushing through the grand suspense to find someone in the end is just to lose your medical expenses this botched Blitzkrieg is all you've got break a chord to tie a knot but all that's tied is their tired and sorrowful Statements to the lopsided unofficial victories oh god! he wants to tell you something but you're gonna have to bleed so tell everybody you know that you've been pretty bloody lately baby all we ever get is tied down by ourselves but we like it don't we? don't leave my crawling up! yeah tell everyone you know that you've been pretty bloody lately because the kids have screwed themselves still they assure you that they feel just like you do ohhh
Track Name: Me & Steve McQueen
tell me something worth repeating: what’s Your city like? is it cold and lonely buried in the ice? do you cower in the shadow of night? You drove him to the hospital at 4 am waited in the lobby until he got clean again – am I forgetting something? do You like to get messed up and wander round in fancy clothes paint the ice and roadway salt with the Colors from your bloody nose? Everybody knows so put that in your magazine there’s no one else here but me and Steve McQueen
Track Name: Party Saturday
there was a party Saturday and all of your friends were there I saw Donelda in the backseat she told her agent the she fell down three and a half flights of stairs just a Skinny Young Girl who never trusted religion or police she wants you to know eh Nostalgia can kill you so don't hang low the sketches on Stones and claim they're still living here hey they say they've tried to be reasonable but the ice just won't melt I stuttered up to the Ventriloquist told him I don't sanction my likeness for this and that's when I left - another Rubberneck Boy who could have paid more attention to You he's dying to see if the rest of the Island is digging deeper underground so don't you say they're living here undetected among us There was a party Saturday the was a hangover Sunday how about that cat in all the studded leather who kept insisting on the heavy metal band that nobody liked? I was deaf to the sound I was daydreaming of my face in the ground you'd better hold out because if they see us they’ll shoot you they called us all alcoholics now watch me jump this candlestick! I've buried the hatchet but bloodied my fists so throw down that old Kodachrome oh show me the future
Track Name: Karen Silkwood
I'm in the car where Karen Silkwood was killed Texas Ranger won't you marry me still? should I come over tonight with tears in my eyes sedatives in the dashboard of the car where Karen Silkwood was killed? run off the road, headlights shine on a new area code teaching a crash course to the task force the New York Post won't show my Baby’s name I'm gonna drive my Lady to Crescent tonight when I'm ready won't You marry me still? should you come over tonight with the radio on a pack of clothes in the back I wouldn't dare adjust that dial I'm your White Knight under the glow of the city lights giving a crash course to the task force the New York Post won't show my Source's name tell me when the last time was that you all saw her Lonely Ghost dancing at the Banquet Hall nervously took her hand as everyone stared knowing she wasn't there mmmmtake it on your own terms you should take it on your own terms!
Track Name: Tough Luck
"Tell me was she a good friend was she your girlfriend? was she jealous of you with other men? did you ever Cut Loose on the floor?" "Now don't gimme that you know who you are she's downstairs waiting at the Hotel bar" is it making sense yet? because it never made much sense to me where did she go? he tells me Toronto but I can't trust him now he does way too much cocaine I bet she's on the Moon they're always on the Moon the Policeman is in plainclothes the Old Blonde has gone comatose and your Parade has been rained out two years in a row "ahh how can you even say that? don't you know me at all? I read that book and now I'm climbing the walls!" is it getting easier? because it never was very easy for me he grabs me at the station "there's something you oughta know" "well you better tell me quick because I'm ready to go and yeah I know she's getting lonely they're always getting lonely tough luck
Track Name: Bridge to the U.S.A.
we're burning down the bridge to the USA because we hate the blues and we feel that we should take them away! burning down the bridge to the USA aw Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet it's just me you and H Gordon Green and that girl who's always trying to get you high it's just a hard shell case locked in the back wrapped up in a tattered Union Jack we're burning down the bridge to the USA we're dirty and free on our way to the big City and we're rounding up the SUVs on the DVP that red white and blue isn't good for you or your baby Green's turning blue he's yellin' "get me to a call-box quick!" because I swear to God my heart's going to explode! baby why don't you ever answer your phone I'm stuck in the express lane dying alone we're dirty and free and we're taking back the DVP Wouldn't you want to be Petite-Bourgeoisie filling the harbour with Tea and lining up at city hall with picket signs for Adderall we're burning down the bridge to the USA because the family feud isn't good for you or your baby scavenging thoughts about dying alone since you were 17 inside a broken home
Track Name: T. Rex
never leave home without your sunglasses tired and ashamed of your yellow eyes "Winter kept us warm" under such bright skies you could be my rock if you played piano ask no questions tell no lies, spent your summer break in bed underneath the Head of Security from the Louvre what else could you do when they asked permission to photograph you without your clothes where were you in '68? "Sous les paves la plage" am I the rock beneath your riptide's roar? are you the jaguar at my back door? father was lonely in the First World War she said don't look so depressed on a Sunday morning well don't act such a slut on a Saturday night winter made us old polishing up your boots could you know the sound of a Neon Warning coming through your window bright and clean? He's so depressed but you're the best dressed hang tough T. Rex they'll warm up to your sex is it so strange to have been here before underneath the covers bleeding for each other? Underneath the covers howlin' for your mothers? Zoop!